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There’s always something amazing happening at Neoteric World. Whether it’s on campus or around the world, our students, staff, and alumni are out seizing the day as shown in the slideshow below. Happy school.

School Neoteric

The Neoteric World School with its holistic
education plan and intention aims to
develop a deep sense of attachment
among the students for their school, the
society and the country.

The meaning of education is vast and we
intend to decipher what’s most relevant
out of it where values imbibed at school
stand at the top along with the human
virtues that make our child stand apart in
the community of learners……


Our Goals

Open Day 2018

of class of 2018

people working

years of experiencen



  • Monday 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday, Holidays


Parents Feedback

My son Ekansh is the student of class- 3. I am sending you this message to motivate to your all teachers and whole school team. I have been watching them from last years during the online classes, they have immense patience to handle the class. There are some naughty students in the class but teachers are maintain calm and handling the class very efficiently. I hope this message is shared to them so that it brings them motivation during these tough days.
Nutan Singh Mother of : Ekansh Singh Grade: 3- A
It’s wonderful to see our son Ronav grow from bud to a flower. Neoteric World School has helped in developing his character, talent & various skills not only academically but also excelling in other areas of his interest. As an educator and parent, I can tell you ,we are very well satisfied with Neoteric World School method of teaching . We are truly delighted with how our child is embraced, nurtured & supported by the staff & teachers.
Sneha&Rohit Dubey Parents of Ronav Dubey Class-2B
Greetings, This is Alpna Mishra, mother of Sanskriti Mishra,Grade 8th. With Neoteric World School our experience has been wonderful so far. All the teachers are very cooperative and patient, the studies are conducted efficiently and in a very nice and appreciable way. They are engaged in many fun activities and tasks. My daughter is very happy in this school. I think choosing Neoteric World School as her school was the best decision.
Alpna Mishra Mother of : Sanskriti Mishra Grade: 8- A
After looking at many places, we chose Neoteric World School because it nearby our home. As a parents we are much satisfied and happy on our discussion, They stress on kindness and being respectful to others. Thanks Neoteric World School and entire team.
Mrs. Divya Dubey & Mr. Manas Dubey Parents of -Aadhya Dubey, KG2
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Dive into the joyous memories of Neoteric World School’s Annual Day 2023! 🎉 Parents, your feedback is invaluable to us. Share your thoughts on the spectacular performances, heartwarming moments, and the overall experience. Let your voices be heard as we celebrate the achievements and growth of our students in this annual extravaganza. Your insights will shape the future of our events, ensuring an even more magical experience next year. Join us in reliving the enchantment of a day filled with talent, creativity, and the spirit of community. Together, let’s celebrate the success of our students and build a brighter future for Neoteric World School!

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